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Glacier Vomputer makes it easy to select the right mobile device for the job with innovative  designs,  quality products and added value. Glacier Computer offers a full line of  rugged PDA’s  and Handheld Computers for mobile data collection applications.

 M330 Product Overview


  • Windows CE 5.0
  • Intel® xScale PXA-270 520 MHz
  • Rugged IP64
  • Touchscreen, LED Backlight
  • Internal Antenna for LAN/External for WAN
  • Barcode Scanner 1D
  • Bluetooth
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • WiFi-Highly Secured 802.11 b/g (incl. cost effective VoIP)
  • Weighs only 11.21 oz (including Battery)


Glacier makes it easy to select the right device for the job because every M3 series handheld is completely configurable. The Glacier M330 is a multi-function, rugged handheld computer, running Windows CE 5.0, combining barcode scanning, camera, voice and touchscreen display.

Among other certifications, it has been drop tested to 5ft and IP64 rated. The M330 is designed with an innovative board-level ruggedization technique providing an ultra light and durable form factor. The M330 offers exceptional value by including a full-line of standard features that are usually considered expensive add-ons.

The M330 is part of the Glacier product line of rugged computing solutions and is designed, manufactured and tested for performance and dependability.


Key Features

(1) M3 Series Standard configuration ..   Great Value 

When you purchase any M330, M340 or M350 handheld computer you get more   than just a PDA terminal.  The standard package comes with:  two                                                       com/charging cradle, power adaptor, three stylus pens, earphone-mic, ActiveSync  CD     and user manual.  This is definitely a great value-add since other vendors  might charge for these add-ons - upwards of $400!

(2)  Glacier Terminal Emulation ......FREE 

Glacier Computer provides Terminal Emulation software on all Windows Mobile  and Windows CE devices - Pre-Loaded and Pre-Licensed!

This is another great value-add - $150 value, free of charge and full of features          including:
                              * Unlimited VTxx, 5250 and 3270 sessions
                              * Customizable menus and pop-ups
                              * Automatic hotspots-just tap the command to execute
                              * Fully functional with ScanWedge and other scanning tools
                              * Small footprint and fast emulation
                              * Full screen mode and device lockdown
The Glacier Terminal Emulation offers features unique to iSeries (AS/400) users  with special error message handling and Fkey assignment and also integrates  with most device management software packages. 

The M3 Series Handheld Computers utilize a revolutionary board-level                    ruggedization technique, providing an ultra slim, ultra durable form factor for                fatigue free all day use.

  • The M330 is a multi-functional handheld computer running Windows CE. , IP 64
  • The M340  & M350 offers Windows Mobile and are  IP65  rated.
  • The M350 is perfect for the medical and healthcare environments with                Silver NanoTM casing to withstand repeated sterilizations.
  • Configurable options available for the M340 &  M350
    • WLAN 3G
    • WLAN 802.11 b/g
    • Barcode Imager, 1D or 2D
    • Colour Camera 2.0 MP
    • Bluetooth  v1.2
    • GPS Enabled
    • RFID Reader ( 13.56 MHz )


The M3 Series offers outstanding value with a modular design that is highly                  configurable and includes standard features, which are considered expensive              add-ons by other manufacturers.


Datasheets avaiable:











 "Archer PDA GPS version  is now available with a XF101  
 DGPS Receiver"
Juniper's Archer Field PC is now available with the XF101 DGPS  Receiver       
from  Hemisphere GPS. Now the Rugged Archer Field PC with the XF101 GPS
 unit becomes an integrated sub-meter, real-time, cost effective GPS receiver.
Juniper's Archer Field PC  has FM Approvals for Hazardous Area Applications.
 "Archer A Ultra-Rugged Field PDA" 
Ultra-Rugged Why  Operating  Temperature: -22 to 122 degrees F ,
(-30 to 50 degrees C), Storage temperature: -22 to 140 F, (-30 to 60 C ); 
The case is rugged, shock resistant, and chemical resistant, waterproof 
and dustproof, IP 67, MIL-STD-810F:water, humidity, sand and dust,  
vibration, altitude.
Approvals Model 19640 FM Approval Non-incendive Class 1 Div 2 per 
approval Standard FM 3611 for use in hazardous conditions.
The Archer, an ultra-rugged, powerful  and versatile PDA with Windows 
mobile 5.0 and Mil-Std-810F is built to handle your most demanding needs.
It meets IP67 standards for drop, vibration, immersion, humidity, and 
operating temperatures.   
 The Archer with it's Magnesium, easy-to-grip over-molding case  is 
available in high visibility orange or subdued tactical gray colour.
A new model is available that is FM Approved Class 1 Div 2 Non-Incendive 
 per approval standard FM 3611 in the U.S. and Canada for use in  
hazardous conditions.
Microsoft® Windows Mobile 5.0; Intel XScale PXA270 operating at 520 MHz.
  • Wireless via Bluetooth® technology, Wi-Fi, or modems.
  • Mobile versions of Microsoft Excel, Internet Explorer, Word etc.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows Mobile applications.
  • Wi-Fi supported (requires SD or CF Wi-Fi adapter card for wireless
  • networking).
  • Wireless cellular modem for wide area communication.
  • Accessible CF and SD Card Slot.
  • Many standard Accessories: Communications Caps, Optical Caps.
  • Operating system available in 16 languages.
  • Power dock and travel charger.
  • Expandable Data storage  Capacity
  • rechargeable Li-Ion Battery


  • Mobile GIS/GPS
  • Facilities & Asset Management
  • Pipline Monitoring

Contact us to set up a demonstration.



Archer Field PDA with DGPS Receiver


Archer Field PDA 












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Model Ridgeline Q100

The Q100 is the rugged PDA of choice for data collection in challenging environments. The durability and reliability make the Q100 ideal for personnel in military, utility, marine, construction, and industrial settings. Designed and tested to an IP67 rating, the Q100 rugged PDA will withstand wet, dusty environments as well as extremes of temperature.

    Ridgeline Q100 Sales Brochure

Q100 Product Overview

  • High-bright
    QVGA or VGA display
  • Rugged touchscreen
  • IP67 housing
  • Multiple I/O: One RS-232,
    One RS-232/422/485 Audio, RJ45
  • Windows CE 5.0
    or Windows Mobile 6.1
  • 802.11 b/g
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS and GALILEO receiver
    module with built-in
  • Integrated GPRS
  • Compact Flash slot

The Glacier Q100 rugged PDA represents a new standard for data collection in harsh environments. Designed and tested to an IP67 rating, the Q100 rugged PDA will withstand wet, dusty environments as well as extremes of temperature.

The Q100 has a bright 3.7" QVGA or VGA color display with industrial touchscreen. A wide range of I/O, complimented by LAN and WAN radio options, affords users in the field significant flexibility and efficiency. Adding the GPS function, this rugged PDA becomes a vital tool to worker productivity.

The Q100 is the rugged PDA of choice for data collection in challenging environments. The durability and reliability make the Q100 ideal for personnel in military, utility, marine, construction, and industrial settings.




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