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  • Portable Quality Data Analyzer
  • Power Quality Monitoring
  • Power Quality Analyzer
  • Universal Mesuring Devices 


  • Currrent & Voltage Monitoring Relays    
  • Load Monitoring Relays
  • Power Monitoring RTU's




Smart Energy Management Systems

Electrex offers a full range of instruments and metering solutions for electrical parameter management.

Electrex Power Quality Monitoring, Power Management and Power Quality Solutions for the improvement of power quality in your facitlties.  Their products, systems and services stretch across measuring and displaying power varibles, then interacting   with your plant data collection systems, through defined interfaces to utilize Power Management solutions.

Power Quality Remote Monitoring and Control

  • Measurement instruments and analysers of electrical parameters
  • Energy Monitoring  for electrical consumption.
  • Automatic Meter Reading systems for electrical, water and gas.
  • Connectivity( Ethernet, Internet GSM, Radio, Bus etc.)

Power Management

  • Maximum Demand Control
  • Data Collection Cost Center Management
  • Cost Center Management

Product Summary 

  • Power Quality Monitoring                   
  • Power Quality Analyzer                    
  • Internet Access and Email Dispatch  
  • Power Quality Measuring                   
  • Universal Measuring Device               
  • Low Cost Measuring Device               

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TELE Haase  Gmbh     

Watchdog pro

The  intelligent, integrated,  modular Monitoring System for current, voltage, phase sequence, phase failure, active power and temperature.

Change the way you monitor and collect your Power requirements!!

Watchdog pro is a modular monitoring system for industrial applications that combines classical monitoring and real-time functions with communications potential features of fieldbuses ( e.g. Profibus, Modbus), SMS and e-mail.

WatchDog pro is able to directly observe and control such electrical data as motor performance, rotary fields, mains voltages and motor temperatures.

Introducing the WatchDog pro 

 The WatchDog pro Starter Kit has been put together to enable a three phase AC motor to be monitored.

Plant Protection 

 WatchDog pro monitors the three-phase power for over and undervoltage and for clockwise rotation.  WatchDog pro recognizes fuse failures, which prevents the motor from running on two phases. The active power module enables the WatchDog pro to detect underloads and overloads as caused by bearing damage or interrupted drive trains.

Maintenance Management

WatchDog pro logs how many times the motor has been started along with the operating hours. The monitoring system will also record how many hours the motor was run under full load. This data, which is relevant to motor wear, permits maintenance cycle management to be optimized.

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