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Meet the Mesa Rugged Notepad™— featuring the advantages of both a tablet PC and a rugged handheld computer, without the disadvantages of either.

The Mesa is a data collection powerhouse with massive screen real estate, yet still feels like a compact handheld at the end of the long work day. To make life even better, the Mesa comes with a speedy Windows Mobile® 6.5.3 operating system that features enhanced pan and flick gestures, improved memory management, and finger-friendly screens.

Like other Juniper Systems products, the Mesa provides a battery life that lasts all day (up to 16 hours), includes endless expansion opportunities, and is rugged enough to use as a wheel chock if the truck starts to roll.


 The Mesa Rugged Notepad is available in three models: Standard, Geo, & Geo 3G. The Standard Mesa features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® wireless technology, while the Geo model adds 2-5 meter accuracy GPS and a 3.2MP camera enhanced with Juniper Geotagging™ (the ability to embed and emboss photos with date, time and GPS position). The Geo 3G model includes camera, GPS, and a 3G GSM data modem for increased speed and connectivity capabilities. The Mesa will be available in U.S. and International versions of each model.

Like other Juniper Systems rugged handheld computers, the Mesa is built to survive the toughest environments. It is rated IP67, making it fully waterproof and dustproof, and tested to MIL-STD-810G for water, humidity, sand and dust, vibration, altitude, shock, and temperature. Its rugged magnesium and plastic chassis protects the Mesa from up to four foot drops onto concrete.




 Messa Rugged NotePad

  Mesa Brochure 


Glacier Computer

"Rugged Tablets PC's from Glacier Computers"

Tablet Computers

Glacier Computer Rugged Tablets are designed to bring the full power of desktop computing to your mobile workforce.  Glacier incorporates rugged features with user friendly touchscreen, sunlight readable displays, barcode scanning, RFID, GPS and a host of great features to empower your mobile workers.   Portable rugged tablets are utilized by almost any industry, including field service, construction, utility, retail, service and delivery, distribution, freight and healthcare.  Glacier offers a range of display sizes, ruggedness, IP rating, processing speed and many other standard and optional features for a dependable, durable and affordable mobile computing solution.

Glacier Ridgeline T400
is lightweight and user friendly with a 10.4” display, touchscreen and hot swappable battery.  The T400 is designed to run 24/7; specifications include IP54 sealing, drop testing, wide temperature operation, optional sunlight readable display and GPS. 
T400 Data Sheet

 Glacier Ridgeline T600/T650
when efficiency and reliability are important to your mobile computing decision.  Key features that enhance productivity include a high bright 10.4” display with touchscreen, integrated wireless, GPS and flexible docking station. 
T600/T650 Data Sheet


Glacier Ridgeline T800
is a great choice for service technicians, supervisors, inspectors and other mobile professionals that require fully functional rugged computing.  Key features include an 8.4” display, IP54 sealing and an Intel® Core Duo Processor. 
T800 Data Sheet

Glacier Ridgeline T840
combines all the functions and features needed to collect mission critical data in the field.  The T840 provides a large 10.4” display touch panel, 1D/2D imager, camera and hot swappable battery.  T840 Data Sheet



Glacier Ridgeline T850
is designed to meet the unique requirements of healthcare environments with a grip & go handle for easy, all day use.  The T850 is loaded with features and includes an easy to clean, easy to disinfect housing that resists alcohol, bleach and iodine.  T850 Data Sheet

Rugged portable computers and rugged laptops have become an integral part of everyday life. Access to spreadsheets, email, parts lists, bills of material, etc. allow for productivity at all hours of the day, in most locations. 


Each rugged portable computer and laptop is built to withstand repeated drops, extremes of temperature, liquid spills, and general harsh treatment. Sealed keyboards, integrated LAN and WAN options, touchscreens, and sunlight readable displays take the common laptop to a new level.









Glacier Computer T400 tablet PC



Glacier Computer T600 / T650 tablet PC



Glacier Computer T800 tablet PC



Glacier Computer T840 tablet PC


Glacier Computer T850 tablet PC


 Ridgeline T400 Tablet Computer Overview 

Glacier Computer’s T400 tablet computer is designed for ease of operation in a multitude of settings. The T400’s lightweight design, user friendly touchscreen, and hot swap battery function, make the T400 the ideal tool for all-day usage.

The T400 is engineered for data collection applications in field service, warehousing, manufacturing, customer service, and more. Every tablet comes standard with a 10.4” display, efficient ATOM processor, integrated camera, and fingerprint reader. Valuable add-on modules include a 1D scanner, RFID, Mag Stripe reader, and GPS.

As with all Glacier products, the T400 is meant to run 24/7 in a variety of environments. Specifications include IP54 sealing, drop testing, and wide temperature operation. Add a sunlight readable display and the T400 is your finest all around data collection device.

Options include: Bar Code Scanner with  2M CCD Camera


T600/ T650 Ridgeline  Tablet Computer Overview

Ultra-Rugged Why: 
Operating  Temperature: -22 to 122 degrees F ,
(-30 to 50 degrees C), Storage temperature: -22 to 140 F, (-30 to 60 C ); the case is rugged, shock resistant, and chemical resistant, waterproof and dustproof, IP 65. 




This portable, rugged, Glacier's tablet computer is the key to bring efficiency to mobile workers . Glacier's Ridgeline tablet computer solution is Windows XP device compable of running any application while with standing repeat 3 foot drops on concrete, extremes of water and virtually any temperature. Each tablet computer uses a convient touch screen interface that workers use to retrieve and send

information that makes their  job more effective.

Utility, construction, warehouse and shop floor data collection are done "on the move" as employees operte undeterred from any cables or wires. Long battery life and powerful  integrated wireless allows instant accessto a database, work orders, blueprints, part lists etc.With an integrated GPS module ,Glacier tablets computers becomes an indesensable tool to an employee in the field.


Ridgeline Tablet: An IP65 sealed, rugged tablet computer has a sunlight readable display, a sold state drive and a rugged touchscreen.


Features Include:

  • 10.4" LCD Display
  • Up to 1256MB RAM
  • Solid state and rotating drive options
  • XP PRO and WP Embedded
  • Integrated GPS Option
  • IP65 Sealing
  • Keypad
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Docking Station

               Ridgeline Tablet  Manual



Ridgeline Tablet PC

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