Rugged Mobile Devices for Plant Personnel & Vehicles

In the process environment, as wireless technology expands through your facilities, the requirement for mobile devices that can be installed on your vehicles or carried by your  work force will require strongly built products that will stand up to external abuse and penetration while continuing  to funtion. The results will be to boost the productivity of your staff by giving them mobile, instant access to needed information whereever they might be.

Althought "Rugged" does not have a precise  definition, certain product specifications such as Temperature, Impact, Vibration, Water Resisitence  and Humidity must be address to a higher level. Rugged certeria can be referenced to MIL-STD-810, IP Ratings and Nema protection ratings.

The degee of ruggedness your  product will require will depend on the environment that your application must function in.

Since ruggedization means extra costs and extra weigh, you must determine which levels are necessary and affordable for your application.

A complimentary product from Orbit Communications is their newly released "BodyGuard' proximity alarm system designed to lower the risk of collision between vehicles and your plant personnel.


Rugged Devices and Mobile Solutions from Glenvale Technology:

"BodyGuard"  Vehicle Proximity Alarm System   ....... Orbit Communications 

Camera Systems              ---- Motec Gmbh

Notepad, PDA's, Scanner:                ---- Juniper Sustems

Notebook's, Scanners, Tablet PC's,WearableComputers: ---  Glacier Computers

Industrial PC's                  ---- Glacier Computers

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