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 WatchDog pro for Power Monitoring Applications

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Voltage Monitoring to Mains Monitoring / Power Monitoring to Load Monitoring 

WatchDog pro is a modular, industry-compliant Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) system that combines the classical monitoring and real-time related functions with the communication potential of  fieldbus, SMS and e-mail. Designed to collect and monitor your electrical usage through your plant.



     WatchDog pro RTU      Module

WatchDog Gamma Series for Wind Power Monitoring Applications

TELE Haase Gmbh             

Wind turbines are unmanned, local and autonomously operated power stations. Special monitoring technologies are needed for them to be safely operated.

Operational reliability demands that the battery charges be monitored in the UPS systems, which move the blades out of the wind in the event of malfunctions (vane position). Navigation light malfunctions and problems with the supply of power to the wind power generators also need to be rapidly recognized and reported.

  Wind Power Monitoring Brochure


Gamma Series Module


WatchDog pro for Monitoring Transformer Stations

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Monitoring transformer stations by logging operational data and transmitting it wirelessly to help prevent system failures.

  Energy Distribution -- Energy Under Control


WatchDog pro for Water Under Control

TELE Haase Gmbh            

Level control of an automatic sewage station and monitoring of the complete installation, especically  protection of pumps against running dry. 

                Water under Control


 PUMP Efficiency Monitoring & Scheduling

Robertson Technology Pty Ltd

                     "Managing Electricity Costs"


           "Energy Efficiency,          Environmental & Reliability"


Within the Process and Manufacturing  Sector, a major area for energy conservation via efficiency monitoring is Motor Driven Systems by electricity. This sector  comprises 20 -  25 % of the world's total electrical demand. In many countries, electrical demand is responsible for about 40% of greenhouse  gas emissions.

Electricity usage in Motor Driven Systems Electricity sector subdivides as follows:

  • Pumps                          20%
  • Fans/ Blowers              18%
  • Air Compressors         17%
  • Cool Compressors     11%
  • Conveyors                       3%
  • Others                            30%

Energy losses appear as heat. Robertson Technology has developed technology for measuring differential temperature to an accuracy of better than 1mK (0.001 Degree C), with long term stability.

This technology has been applied to the measurement of pump, water trubine and fan/blowers efficiency by the thermodynamic method ( Reference below: 1,2,3).

In pumping systems, the total possible energy savings is at approximately 40%, with the following breakdown:

  • Selecting a higher efficiency pump:          3%
  • Selecting a better-sized pump:                  4%
  • Better Installation / Maintenance               3%
  • Better System Design:                               10%
  • Better System Control:                               20%

Total Possible Energy Saving:  Approximately   40%

Accurate on-site measurement and monitoring is requires to achieve much of the above savings.  Robertson Technology provides the relevant products and services.


(1) M Robertson; S Yeung, I Rohodes,  "Continuous Pump Performance and Scheduling". Presented at Energy Saving in Pumps and Pumping" - Second International Symposium, IMechE, London, October 2007

(2) M Robertson; "Stable Temperature Probes for Hydraulic Measurements" Presented at the 6 th International Conference on Hydraulic Efficiency Measurements, IGHEM, Portland, Orgen July /Aug 2006

(3) M Robertson; "Measurement of Pump Efficiency and Flow by the Thermodynamic Method" Australian Water Association Convention, Brisbane, May 2005

Two of our newest products lines from , TELE Haase, a manufacturer of Intelligent Monitoring RTU's and Robertson Technology, a manufacturer of pump efficiency monitoring systems address the need to collect and analyse data, and provide recommendations to improve efficiencies. 




































 Wireless Utility Sub-metering

Spinwave Systems Inc.  

Spinwave Systems provides cost effective retrofit solutions to make wireless sub-metering of electric, gas and water utilities affordable.



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