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TELE HAASE Steuergerate                 


The  intelligent, integrated,  modular Monitoring System for current, voltage, phase sequence, phase failure, active power and temperature.

Change the way you monitor and collect your Power requirements!!


Test the possibilities of WatchDogpro!!!
The Starterkit offers a selection of mains and load-monitoring modules for your RTU systems, along with your programing software . By acquainting yourself with this system, you cannot  fail for cost reasons alone. This starter pack comes with a central unit and two monitoring modules.

    WatchDog pro Starter-Kit Overview

For your WatchDogpro Starter Kit Contact Glenvale Technology Inc.

WatchDogpro is a modular, industry-compliant monitoring system that combines the classical monitoring and real-time related functions with the communication potential of  fieldbuses, SMS and e-mail.

WatchDogpro is designed as an integrated, intelligent system with sophisticated monitoring and automation functions to monitor  your power with direct input from  current, voltage, phase sequence, phase failure, active power and temperature in a modular scheme.

Tele-Haase's WatchDogpro Starter Kit

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Voltage Input Module

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