Warehouse Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

" Sky-Trax" from Sky-Trax Inc.

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Increase Warehouse Accuracy & Efficiency
 Return of Investment

The Sky-Tax System  (STS) tracks the movement of vehicles such as forklift trucks inside factories and warehouses.

The STS automatically determines vehicle position with great accuracy and provides real-time position data to the driver.


(1) Increase Warehouse Safety

With precise location data for the movement of goods the driver can be guided to the next pick up area or put-away-spot via an efficient and safe route.

  • Monitors Zones for Traffic.
  • Automatically notifies pedestrians using a traditional spot light signal.
  • Warns pedestrians and other warehouse vehicles of near by vehicle traffic.

(2) Increase Warehouse Efficiencies

The system captures and displays the location of all vehicles, aiding managers, warehouse operators and /or computer systems such as warehouse management systems to evaluate performance,  which can result in a significant increase in warehouse efficiencies.

Components of the Sky-Trax System.

(1) Sky-Marx  "Overhead Labeling System"

Overhead labels containing a bar code and/or human readable text are placed above your warehouse floor. A optical scanner on your Forklift truck reads the labels as it moves about and it knows its precise location.

(2) Ops Man

With Ops Man, vehicle tracking and management system warehouse managers are able to optimize fleet operations through real-time monitoring and reporting of vehicle static,s including:

  • Distance Traveled
  • Operational hours
  • Peak & Average Speeds
  • Number of Loads Traveled
  • Entry into Controlled Zones

(3) Sky-Box 

Designed as a computing and connectivity module, the Sky-Box provides power to all aftermarket additions to any forklift, AGV, or other industrial vehicle. The Sky-Box also has the ability to receive transactional and/or location data from onboard sensors or transaction tools. This functionality combination creates and onboard mobile network; allowing all aftermarket vehicle additions to plug and play together with great ease.

The basic function of the Sky-Box consists of the compact internal computer which gathers sensor data several times each second.  The data collected is then processed and depending on the application reveals vehicle location, load ID recorded and transaction data collected during a pick-up or put-away.  The Sky-Box communicates all data collected via a wireless connection with the “host-system” or WMS. Other internal Sky-Box components include a DC power converter, analog-to-digital signal conversion, and an Ethernet switch.

The Sky-Trax Sky-Box is the power supply for Sky-Trax System and Skan-Free system components including the Optical Label Reader, Optical Position Sensor, Pallet Detector and Lift Height Sensor.

How it Works

The Operations Position Sensor  (OPS) is aimed at the ceiling and captures digital images of Overhead Position Markers (OPM's). Contemporary machine vision software decodes the images to recognize location and calculates the orientation angle and the exact position of the Optical Position Sensor, which is located on the forklift truck.

A from the Sky-Box a wireless link transmits OPS data to the Sky-Trax System (STS ) controller which collects location data from all OPS sensors. The controller stores data in a standard database and makes it available in real-time for your analysis of your warehouse vehicle operations.


















 Results:  Your forklift truck drivers are operating in a safe environment and as a result their productivity will increase and provide you with a more   efficient warehouse.