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"Skan-Free" from Sky-Trax Inc.

Increase Warehouse Accuracy & Efficiency !
 Return of Investment
A New Technology to Revolutionize Indoor Lift Truck Data Collection Operations
(1) Increase Warehouse Efficiency
For real-time access to complete and accurate data collection, Skan-Free is the solution that will allow your drivers to just drive and work safer, while automatically collecting essential data information.
(2)  Increase Warehouse Safety
Skan-Free eliminates obsolete data collection methods such as hand held bar code scanners, clipboards, and data entry terminals. Skan-Free removes human error through the automation of specific inventory data collection.
Skan-Free allows drivers to concentrate on vehicle operations without stopping for manual data collection tasks. With Skan-Free automatically record:
  • Pallet ID
  • Time
  • Truck ID
Components of the Skan-Free System™ 
(1) Skan-Free uses an Optical Label Reader (OLR). The OLR is affixed to the front of the forklift truck to scan pallet or rack ID labels  as the pallet is being picked or put away at its designation location.
How it Works.
The OLR collects the data, which is then transmitted to the Sky-Box, an onboard data processor, which creates an on-board mobile network allowing all sensors and aftermarket additions to all plug-and-play together for real-time access to complete data collection. Once the data is collected, it is then  wirelessly transmitted back to your Warehouse Management System.
This new "Optical Label reader is a revolutionary system and a great alternative to RFID base systems for data collection. and pallet identification.



Warehouse Productivity 





Optical Label Reader 

  Results: Skan-Free remove human error in data collection by eliminating  hand scanners, clipboards and data entry terminals.


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