Wireless Warehouse Data Communications Systems for Monitoring and Recording of Environment Information (Cold storage), Vehicle Tracking and Movement of Goods, Manhour / Electrical Usage and Impact Sensing for your Forklift Trucks.  


     Warehouse Logistics and Safety Line Card 




equipment BC Ltd       www.equipmentbc.com

Wireless Forklift vehicle  usage meters to for scheduling maintenance.

 Radio Terminal Systems                 www.radterm.com.au

Wireless Data collection  from impact sensors located on Forklift Trucks / Wireless Gate Controllers etc.


 Spinwave Systems Inc.              www.spinwavesystems.com 

Monitor your warehouse  and record product-critical environment  information with wireless technology.


 Sky-Trax Inc.                                            www.sky-trax.com

Warehouse Vehicle Tracking  & Movement  of Goods, Warehouse Overhead Labeling System , Optical Automated Mobile Data ( Scan-Free ) Data Collection System not requiring RFID


 Orbit  Communications                              www.orbitcoms.com

BodyGuard   Leading Edge Safety technology for Pedestrian detection in Vehicle Traffic areas in your warehouse.


Other Warehouse Product Hardware

Rugged Camera’s for Mobile Vehicles, Forklift Truck Displays & Computers, Rugged Handheld and Wearable Computers, Wi-Fi Solutions, Wireless I/O, Standard and Wearable Barcode Readers, Optical Readers. 

For our Rugged Computer offering, please review "Rugged Mobile Devices for Personnel & Vehicles"






Rugged Mobile Scanner



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