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With the increase demand for safe and efficient warehousing, our goal is to provide products that can be combined together that will ensure your staff work in a safe and secure, efficient environment. 

Pedestrian safety is of the utmost importance. We can provide  New Pedestrian awareness products  that  identify forklift truck as they approach corners or blind-spot  areas.  Alarms and visual indication are activated to ensure that pedestrian traffic is aware of the on coming vehicle.

With the increase growth of warehousing in Canada the risk of Forklift Truck accidents will increases.  Forklift Truck safety will become more and more focused.  Forklift Safety Products  need to be implemented  on your trucks  to reduce  accidents, starting with Authorized Access control modules, safety belt interlocks, Pallet detector, camera monitoring  and speed control. Accident prevemtion is a key to increasing warehouse efficiencies.



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