Solutions for Warehouse  Data Collection & Tracking    



 A computerized warehouse is a prerequisite for  effective logistics. There are many operational challenges within warehouse environments. By solving persistent problems in warehousing and materials tracking with fully automated and accurate tracking of goods without bar code scanning operations, users can gain a sigificant ROI  through capital reduction, increased safety and improved inventory accuracy.

 Sky-Trax Inc.                             

With Sky-Trax’s revolutionary Optical Real-Time Location System for assets and inventory,  applications are economical and practical to deploy. Their solutions substantially increase safety and dramatically improve efficiency resulting in fewer safety incidents, much lower operating costs and greater inventory through put. 

Sky-Trax's Total-Trax System provides:

  • Tracking ability with Inch-Accuracy
  • Increase Driver Accountability
  • Improve Operations Visibility
  • Decrease Warehouse Operation Costs