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In today's highly competitive world markets, manufacturers and companies in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Mining and Pharmaceutical  industries must ensure optimum efficiency to remain competitive. 

There is a high cost associated with installing cables to facilitate the collection of plant information. Wireless products can gather and transmit plant floor or process data back  to central local control centers and into management information systems at a more  justifiable price . 

With innovative wireless broadband network solutions (WiMAX), wireless local area networks (WLAN) based on worldwide 802.11 standards, a whole new era has arrived.

Wireless networks and solutions for information flow to Management Information Systems are  key to today's efficient plants.

Plant infrastructure with Wi-Fi networks must be in place to collect and disperse critical information.

Fast, secure data transfer, VoIP telephony, video surveillance and other services are all supported through  wireless communication platforms.

Today, this dispersement of information is bi-directional. With mobile technology,  key plant  information such as Key Performance indications ( KPI’s),  critical plant  alarms , etc. must be communicated to  your plant personnel to increase their awareness of your process and to ensure that they have the latest information to make correct decisions.

New wireless network technologies such as Bluetooth, EnOcean and  Zigbee , basically developed for the Building Automation and Computer interface markets,  are generating interest with Industrial Automation providers and are leading  to new wireless solutions.

Communications software must collect and disperse this information. Your employees will be required to carry mobile devices to receive this information and become more productive.

Address the issues of reliability, security, scalability, integration and manageability with your Wireless Networks




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Wireless Process Sensors
Wireless, Self-powered sensor technology  allows you to collect  analog , discrete and many other parameters such  as temperature , pressure and level in an Intrinsically Safe environment and control your pump and valves remotely.


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