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Our Focused Market Areas

  • Industrial  Process Industries, Oil & Gas, Pipelines & Mining 

Energy  Conservation, Industrial Communications, Rugged Mobile Devices and   Wireless Networks Products.

Today, the advancement of wireless networks and wireless equipment is leading to a new era. Wireless solutions are playing a more important and cost effective role in plant optimization, efficiency gains and plant data flow. Wireless application-specific devices and systems have proven to be a very cost effective way to deploy condition monitoring, safety, security, asset tracking and other applications.

With an ever-increasing number of wireless application-specific devices and ultimately, network systems, plant managers must address the issues of reliability, security, scalability, intergration and manageability associated with their networks.

Rugged Mobile Devices are the key to increasing the efficiencies of  your engineering and maintenance team in your process environment.

We will emphasize Energy Conservation &  Intrinsically Safe Wireless Network products for our customers in the  Mining, Oil & Gas and Process markets. 

In the future, we see other expanding technologies such  as  solar-powered Wireless Sensors impacting the collection of data and part of our product offering.

  •    Collision Avoidance Systems for Construction, Warehousing  & Manufacturing Environments

 Workplace Safety In Action

The BodyGuard proximity detection and warning system is NOT intended to provide a total solution but is intended to provide an additional layer of safety as part of existing safety processes. BodyGuard is not intended or implied to replace duty of care and diligence of the vehicle operators and other staff to work in a safe manner. The system is to be used as a aid to the driver.


collision avoidance

Multi-zone collision avoidance for heavy vehicles

Due do the variety of vehicles, different environments and applications, the system cannot be assured to detect objects under all circumstances or regions around the vehicle.

Reversing vehicles create a high-risk situation. Poor visibility may affect the driver's ability to see a person behind them. The risk of collision can result in possible injury, damage, expensive downtime and Health and Safety investigation. With BodyGuard fitted: A person detected will alert the driver and risk of collusion can be reduced.


Warehouse Logistics and Safety 

For our manufacturing customers, implementation of our  unique Vehicle and Inventory Tracking software will offer a significant increase in warehouse efficiencies that will result in productivity gains, full visibility of fleet operations and  driver accountability. Our Safety products will ensure that your vehicle operators are safe and the results for your organization will be a more efficient and safe warehouse. 




Warehouse aisle proximity detection alerts personnel of danger


We will strive to distribute and implement excellent complementary products around our core solutions.





 GSM/GPRS Data Logger

Rugged PDA 







LV proximity


proximity tag on hard hat


Proximity tag in hand