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" Workplace Safety in Action !! "

 Every year personnel in the workplace are in danger of injury when working in close proximity to moving vehicles and heavy machinery. Up until now there have been very few options available for a system that is effective in lowering the risk of damage and injury as a result of collision.


Injuried workers from vehicle contact is becoming a more common occurance.


Injuiries can be reduced or eliminated with new technologies that have been introduced into the safety market. These include  the new BodyGuard System from Orbit Communications, Australia

and new Camera technology from Motec Gmbh.




"You must take action today to prevent work place accidents tomorrow" 







Orbit Communications               




The BodyGuard Proximity Warning system has been designed to help protect personnel and save lives by lowering the risk of collision between people, moving vehicles and heavy machinery. The system has wide ranging application for personnel, forklifts, cranes, heavy vehicles and moving machinery. . BodyGuard provides an industrial quality proximity warning solution that helps you to maintain a safer workplace.


BodyGuard Proximity Warning System

  • Reduced Risk of Collision
  • Reduced Risk of Injury, Save Lives
  • Reduced Loss of Productivity 
  • Lower Worker Compensation Premiums
  • Helps lower risk of collision
  • Demonstrates duty of care with respect to safety and well-being of your personnel
  • Built-in History Log provides an audit trail for all near-miss incidents/accidents as well as being an invaluable tool for analysis of driver habits and development of new safety policies, procedures and work area layout to further lower the risk of incident/accident.





BodyGuard Hardware

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Camera Solutions to Improve your Vehicle Safety


Motec Camera Technology